How To Watch Cartoons Online

Most of the people listen to the music or watch films when they are alone and feel bored. Another way to make the boring time entertaining is watching cartoons. It is true that most of the cartoon viewers are kids. But there are also some cartoons which provides entertainment to young or adult.

There are many TV channels and TV shows which broadcasts cartoon programs. But what if you are not close to your television and you want to watch it? The option is watch it online. There are many cartoon sites available. Followings are some of the best sites to watch cartoons online:-


Toonjet is one of the popular web site for cartoon lovers. One of the factor that made it so popular is that you can watch cartoons for free. It consists the classic cartoons and the classic cartoon fans will love this site.

The official site for watching cartoon in Toonjet is You can create your account in the site to create your profile and then you will be able to comment on the cartoons available there. You can also rate the shows. However it is not compulsory for sign up. You can also watch them without signing in. some of the popular shows in this site are Tom and Jerry, Casper, Superman and Merrie Melodies.

Disney Junior

Disney Junior is especially made for the kids. They will love this site as it includes their favorite Disney cartoons like Mickey Mouse, Handy Manny and others. So, if your kids love the cartoons then this can be best site for them and it is available for free. Besides, it also contains different online game for free which you can enjoy at any time.

The official link of the site: –

New Grounds

New Grounds is another popular site for enjoying cartoons as well as anime. The site has very good collections of different cartoons and anime. Here you are not only able to watch cartoon but also get entertainment by playing online games and listening to the music. You can register your account in this site and upload new movies on it.

The site is definitely made for the cartoon lovers and it can be accessed from

Anime Center

This is another wonderful site to watch the cartoons and anime for free. The site contains above forty genres of the shows. Popular as one of the best site for watching cartoon includes the videos and movies with very high quality.

The official site for Anime Center is It also contains the dubbed cartoon video and movies so that all the people from different parts of the world can enjoy.

Toon Get

Toon Get is another site that has the big collection of the cartoon videos and movies. Navigate the link to access this Europe based website. In the homepage, you are provided with the list of different anime videos and movies. The dubbed cartoons are available for different genres like action, drama, horror, comedy, adventure and many others.

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